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2012 Prophecy

Zulu Prophecy - The Return of Mu-sho-sho-no-no, 2012.
Maori Prophecy - Veil Dissolves in 2012.
Inca Prophecy - Willaru Huayta, 2012.
Mayan Elder - Don Alejandro , 2012.
2012 Prophecy
Maya Prophecy of the end of the Great Cycle
Maya seventh sun
The Mayan Calendar
A Comet could be another sign

Here are what aboriginal cultures from all around the earth say 2012 is about.

Hopi Predict a 25yr period of purification followed by end of Fourth World and beginning of the Fifth. (1987 is the year known as Harmonic Convergence – The beginning of the purification).

Call it the “end days” or the end of time as we know it.

Say that as the veils dissolve there will be a merging of the physical & spiritual worlds.

Believe that the whole world will be turned upside down.

Kali Yuga (end time of man). The Coming of Kalki & critical mass of Enlightened Ones.

Call it the “Age of Meeting Ourselves Again.”

Call this the Time of the Sixth Sun. A time of transformation. Creation of new race.

Say that the spaceship of the visitors, the Nommo, will return in the form of a blue star.

Acknowledge it will be the emergence into the Fifth World.

Their ancient calendar ends exactly at 2012 as does the Mayan calendar.

Kalachakra teachings are prophesies left by Buddha predicting the coming of the Golden Age.

Egypt According to the Great Pyramid (stone calendar), present time cycle ends in year 2012 AD.

What's not going to happen:
Pole shift -Pole shifts are a gradual process taking thousands of years.
Rogue Planet - We would know about it by now.

What might happen:
The start of a change of mass consciousness around the world about how to make things better.
A comet appearing or landing or maybe circling the planet.
An asteroid appearing or landing.
A solar or cosmic radiation storm.
A financial crisis (again).
Earthquake and/or volcano.
Something unknown...

The return of the visitor who will try to save who he can...
They are more advanced and capable than we can understand..
They are also unknown...

Be warned or prepared or whatever.
Hide under a table, ect..
Keep your sense off humour...