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Abbe Souffrant Prophecy

 Abbe Souffrant, the Cure of Maumusson (d. 1828), left us this prophecy:

"Before the Grand Monarch, terrible misfortunes are to arrive. The blood will flow in torrents, in the north and the south; the west will be spared because of its faith. But the blood will color so much to the north and to the south, that I see it flow like rain in a day of great storm, and I see the horses in blood up to their bridles. Paris will be destroyed, so much destroyed that the plow will pass it by...

"The Grand Monarch will do things so astonishing and so marvelous that the most unbelieving will be forced to recognize the finger of God. In his reign all justice will be rendered.

"God will use the Grand Monarch in order to exterminate all the heretic sects, all the superstitions, and to spread, in concert with the holy Pontiff, the Catholic religion in all the universe, except in Palestine, land of malediction. After the crisis, he will have a General Council, despite the oppositions made by the clergy itself. Afterwards there will be but one flock and one pastor, because all the infidels and the heretics (but not the Jews, whose mass will not convert until after the death of the Beast) will enter into the Latin Church, whose triumph will continue up to the destruction (persecution) of the Antichrist.

"Toward the end of the usurper's reign, the Pope will die and he will have for his successor a young Pope, and it will be under him that the restoration will take place.

"Some time before this restoration, it will be necessary to sustain an alien war; for that there will be a great levy of men, all the ones of eighteen to thirty years will be gone.

"All the forces of government are gripped by this alien power; the interior of France will revolt. The civil crisis will be directed above all against religion... the shock will be terrible. They will battle from the south to the north during several weeks, and the last fifteen days, day and night. However, this crisis will not be long, but in it will perish more men than in the few times in ninety-three... it will make a smell over all the great cities.

"The powers seeing this disorder in France, will arm not in favor of the legitimate, but in the purpose of sharing France, for the English will betray.

"The Emperor of Russia will come as far as the Rhine, but an invisible hand will stop him; he will recognize the hand of God, and so he will be made Catholic.

"At the moment one will believe all is lost, all will be won, for one will turn around by the way of God... Heaven will declare it in the favor of France; she will return the victory, but this will be attributed to the Lord, and not to men. The thing will be so surprising that the most vulgar will call it a miracle. And the Restoration will take place.

"The Great Ruler will perform such great and noble deeds that the infidels will be forced to admit the workings of God's providence. Under his reign the greatest abundance will be practiced and the earth will bear in overabundance.

"Between the cries "Everything is lost" and "Everything is saved," there will be scarcely any interval."