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Antonius Prophecy

 A German immigrant named Antonius, who was born Cologne in 1820, prophesied the final battle of World War III thus:

"I saw a new war in Alsace. Suddenly from the French side out of Metz and Nancy, large troop transports, where after the battle began, which lasted two days, and which ended by winning over the Prussian commander. The French follow the Prussians over the Rhine in many directions. In a significant battle by Frankfurt, the Prussians were beaten heavily. They pulled back to Siegburg, where they ran into the Russians. The Russians treated the Prussians badly. It appears to me that the Prussians helped the French. The battle by Siegburg has never been equaled for horror. After several days the Russians and Prussians disengage and begin to pull back below Bonn on the west side of the Rhine River. The city of Cologne was shot at; only a quarter of the town was unaffected. They left shortly afterwards and the people were glad and clapped and their faces beamed."