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Bernard Rembold Prophecy

Bernard Rembold was a German monk who lived from 1689 to 1793. Here is his prophecy concerning the Birch Tree:

"The beginning of a terrible time of blood will come when there will be a fierce battle near Cologne. It will be impossible to prevent this horrible devastation; gruesome war and destruction cannot be turned away. People will walk in blood up to the ankles. At last a foreign king will arise and gain victory for the just side. The remaining enemy will retreat to the Little Birch Tree, and there the last battle will be fought for the righteous cause. The foreigners have brought black death with them; whatever is spared by the sword, will be eaten by the pestilence. The land will be deserted and ownerless.

"At that time France will be divided. The German Empire will select a simple man as the Emperor, who will rule for a short time. His successor will be the man for whom the world has longed. He will be called a Roman Emperor and give peace to the world. He will restore Siegberg and Heisterbach. He is the Grand Monarch foretold by Holzhauser. At that time there will be no Jews in Germany and the heretics will admit their error. A good and happy era will follow. God will be praised on earth and war will be no more... Then the fugitive brothers and their children will return and continue to live in peace in their native land.

"When the Emperor of Germany flees for his life a man who carries his crown for him will be the man the world has long expected."