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Brother Anthony of Aix-la-Chapelle Prophecy

In 1871, the French Brother Anthony recorded his vision describing the final battle near Cologne and the aftermath of the war:

"Some day war will break out again in Alsace. I saw the French in Alsace with Strasbourg at their rear, and I saw Italians fighting with them. Suddenly great transports of troops arrived from the French side. A two-day battle ended with the defeat of the Prussian army. The French pursued the Prussians over the Rhine in many directions. In a second battle at Frankfurt, the Prussians lost again and retired as far as Siegburg, where they joined a Russian army. The Russians made common cause with the Prussians. It seemed to me as if the Austrians were aiding the French. The battle at Siegburg was more horrible than any before and its like will never occur again. After some days the Prussians and Russians retreated and crossed, below Bonn, to the left bank of the Rhine. Steadily pressed by their opponents, they retired to Cologne, which had been bombarded so much that only one-fourth of the city remained intact. Constantly in retreat, the remainder of the Prussian army moved to Westphalia, where the last battle went against them. The people greatly rejoiced because they were freed from the Prussians.

"Then a new emperor, about 40 years old, was elected in Germany, and he met the Pope. Meanwhile, an epidemic broke out in the region devastated by the war, and many people died. After the battle in Westphalia, the French returned to their own country, and from then on there was peace between the French and the Germans. Industry and trade prospered, and many convents were founded. All the exiles returned to their homes. When I begged God to take the terrible vision away, I heard a voice saying: "Prussia must be humiliated and in a manner that it never again will bring sorrow to the Church." In the following year the Russians will war with the Turks, driving the latter out of Europe and seizing Constantinople. The new German Emperor will mobilize for war but the Germans will not go beyond their border. When afterward I was shown France and Germany I shuddered at the depopulation that had taken place. Soon after the Russo-Turkish War, England also will be visited by war."