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Young Sparrow 1918 - Jan 8, 2000 - Cherokee

A simple question was asked of this Cherokee Visionary who was gifted by Grandfather with the ability to ask for others in their time of need, questions they had about life. My question was placed in His hands and he called to my brother Cherokee to come to Him. It was important that he come now and he did. The following is the days account of the journey my Brother took to the top of Young Sparrow's mountain in my name and for the sake of our people, both past and present.

I also dedicate this page to my Mother Lost Doe, a Peace Keeper and my father, Crying Hawk a Warrior.

There is one other item of importance here.

Young Sparrow passed on that evening as His words were being shared with me, his Last Vision.

Let the journey begin as my brother Cherokee speaks of the days events.

Follow with me as I begin the journey into
the world as our people saw it many seasons ago into
the words given by an elder who rides the wings of the great
eagle and who speaks with the words of great wisdom's given
to him by Great Spirit.

I began my journey this morning before sun shone her rays
upon the world when i arrived at the base of small willow mountain
small otter red crow and myself all said prayer for the things around us
and earth mother so that we could walk upon her beauty and leave it unharmed.

As we began the trip up the mountain all was at peace. The horses
we rode stepped in harmony with each others steps. The first to greet
us was the great eagle circling above us in all of his majesty.

As we stopped to admire her and say thanks for her presence and as we rode the
trail to young sparrows home I felt so much peace. We sang songs of the old ways
and of the things we had been given and taken away Of the elders who walked before us.

My brothers left me after we got
within 15 minutes of Young sparrows place.
I thanked them for the company and rode on.
After I had been on my own for about 5 minutes i was joined
by bear, my animal brother and spirit I stopped and said thanks for
his guidance and asked him to join me on the rest of my trip he nodded yes
and we walked on I arrived at his lodging and was greeted my many animal neighbors
that lived with young sparrow I smudged myself and said prayer and stepped inside.
I do not speak Cherokee to fluent and had to study on his words
but Spirit gave me the
understanding and words to speak, a sin na ya, he said greeting brother who walks with bear a
soya I said I am honored, tanya come sit, u nay ro un san sa pas da, tell me of you brother.

And so began a day of total amazement I began with the
passing of my pipe and my gifts to him which included a new pipe and tobacco
and the feather of an eagle given to me by the great bird at the beginning of my trip
He spoke slow and solid. He told me that he would not see spring and the beauty Creator
put on his mountain, that was why he had to see me now and how Spirit had told him of
his passing in the winds song
And that he knew you wanted to come and give him
new breath but that there was no need
His work is done in short time .

Then he began to speak of you my brother and his words brought both tears and joy
at the same time, for you my brother was seen on the smoke of story fires lit many
moons past and that he could only speak of what he was told and nothing more.
I understand I said as he continued. When our first words was traded the work
he was told of was started. He spoke of healers and teachers men of
great strength and bravery Of warriors on the back of lightning.

His words
that were spoken next sent shivers down my spine.

On a morning with the mist of early morning a child was offered to Spirit.
This child knew no name and knew not of his parents or people He was to walk 100 days
before his return. Upon his return he would know his people his parents and his purpose
On his return he found death and destruction all of everything he knew was gone No one
remained and again he was alone with only his animal brothers to protect him. Many
seasons passed. As he traveled
Many days were spent in question of his own self and where he came from.
Spirit taught this child many ways of life and healing and how and when to use
All the plants and herbs needed in medicine With him he took this teaching and
used it for the good of his brothers and sisters When he was taken in by sioux people
his strength in healing become strong and he was sought to care for many sick and
On the moon of his passing he was told to go
to star people and leave his knowledge with them so that after his passing he could return and
regain his knowledge and carry it into his next life. He did as he was told. As his last breaths
soared into the heavens he was told of his parents and people and where he belonged before it
was taken. His mother was a peace keeper who was known as lost doe and his father crying
hawk was a warrior, taught the ways of healing by a powerful medicine man of the cheyenne.
Just before he could be shown his people his steps took him into the spirit realm. When the
Spirits carried him to the edge of the spirit realm he was given the choice of returning or taking
his place with the elders. The decision to return was made and on his journey back he stopped
to take back his knowledge that star people was keeping for him
And soon he was reborn to new parents in
the next world He was told of many trials and hardships he was to overcome and of his path to
be taken And of many miracles yet to be seen And of meetings that would bring his work to
many more people and of healings done with even the most non believers.

This story of journey told by the winds of elders gone is the
story of your first beginnings my brother and of your crossing into the
world we know now. We are carrying this legacy into the unknown future to heal and mend the
broken people who come to our door. Our meeting was formed when the day of my birth came
and i took the spirit of one strong enough to carry my soul.

Young sparrow told me that i was born dead for the reason of having a stronger spirit so that
the day we met would be a uniting of two who share the same destiny in Spirit. Our names
have been spoke of in the fires of elders who stand with Spirit
to watch the paths combine. I pray that these
words come to you and bring
much help my brother

ca nay yo sug ta do ya
was kelt desa yea ho

walk in peace my brother
Spirit watch your heart

Little Bear

The Journey Continues as I have now become one with myself.
The understanding of who and why I am has been answered for me