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Johannes Lichtenberger Prophecy

In 1488, Johannes Lichtenberger, the court astrologer of Frederick III, published his popular encyclopedia Prognostico in Latino, which contains predictions of World War III, the Grand Monarch, and the Holy Pope:

"There will come a time when the people of the desert will assemble in German lands and will conquer the circle of the earth. They will destroy cities and empires. They will drink from the holy vessels, and priests will be strangled in holy places. But they will be destroyed near Cologne...

"It says in The Book of the Frankish Kings that it will be from the Carolingian, that is from the race of King Charles of France, that an emperor names P will arise in the last days. He will be a prince and a monarch and will reform the churches of all Europe. After him there will be no other emperor...

"Afterwards a hermit will arise, known for his great sanctity, as Joachim says in his Booke of Concordance, "A man in great sanctity lifted up to the Roman throne like an apostle" God will do miracles through him; no one will obey his laws. He will condemn plural benefices and incomes and will command that clerics live from tithes and offerings. he will forbid ostentatious clothing and all unseemly choruses and songs. He will command women to be without gold and jewels, and will bid the gospel to be preached. He will be Pope only for a brief time --- when four years are up, this most holy man will go happily to God.

"Immediately after this, God will raise up three other very holy men, one after another. They will be alike in virtues and miracles and will confirm the decrees and deeds of their predecessor. Under their rule the Church will be renewed. They will be called the "Angelic Popes."