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Mayan Elder - Don Alejandro , 2012
 The National Counsel of Elders Mayas, Xinca and Garifuna of Guatemala are here in fulfillment of the Prophecies of the 13 Baktun and 13 Ajau. We have several prophecies concerning the time we are living in, and it is in fulfillment of the Prophecies that we are here today. I will mention some of them:

"At the time of the 13 Baktun and 13 Ahau is the time of the return of our Ancestors and the return of the men of wisdom." That time is now.

The Prophecy says: "Those of the Center, with their mystical bird Quetzal, make unite the Eagle of the North with the Condor of the South; we will meet because we are one, like the fingers of the hand." This prophecy means that the Indigenous People of the North and the Indigenous People of the South, through those of the Center, will come together to strengthen the recovery of the ancestral science; recovery of our identity, art, spirituality and Cosmo-vision on life and death that the different Cultures have.

We the Indigenous People join together in defense of the life of the human species, in defense of the life of our brother animals and the trees and in defense of the life of Mother Earth, because the life of the Planet Earth is in danger. We all know that what is happening in the world now is not a coincidence.

As examples: The hurricanes and the heavy storms that are menacing different places in the world; the high temperatures that day by day rise to higher degree, while in other parts of the world the cold becomes more intense; rivers are drying out and others are disappearing; the glaciers are melting; many places in the world are suffering the effects of natural disasters; and all of these are the result of our imbalance with Nature.

It is necessary that the behavior of human beings all over the world has to change; the life of the Planet Earth is responsibility of all and that is why the invitation from the Indigenous people is for everyone, to help save human life, save the planet thus inheriting a healthy future to the new generations.

According to the Maya Long Count Calendar, we are finalizing the 13 Baktun and 13 Ahau, thus approaching the YEAR CERO. We are at the doorsteps of the ending of another period of the Sun, a period that lasts 5,200 years and ends with several hours of darkness. After this period of darkness there comes a new period of the Sun; it will be the 6th one. In each period of the Sun there is an adjustment for the planet and it brings changes in the weather conditions and in social and political life as well.

The world is transformed and we enter a period of understanding and harmonious coexistence where there is social justice and equality for all. It is a new way of life.

With a new social order there comes a time of freedom where we can move like the clouds, without limitations, without borders. We will travel like the birds, without the need for passports. We will travel like the rivers, all heading towards the same point -- the same objective. The Mayan prophecies are announcing a time of change. The Pop Wuj, the book of the Counsel, tells us, "It is time for dawn; let the dawn come, for the task to be finished. "

Each one of us has a relationship with the Universe and that reflects whether our attitudes with others are harmonious or not. The time for change has arrived. The time for understanding each other and to be more human is here.

The Wingmakers are actually the star people. Mayan actually means "my people." They first came to Atlantis. Our first pyramids are there, underwater. In the Bermuda area. Tulan was the name of the city of Atlantis. Their great prophets, (star people), came and gave an oral transmission. It has been passed down for thousands of years. In the beginning there were four of them. The first teachers from the Pleiades taught the astronomy and the beginning of creation, the Great Mysteries. They have the power of the sixth and seventh senses and the third eye. They came to teach us these things. The way of working together, etc. There have been many visitations from the Pleiades, then they return there, then they come back here again and come down to Asia, Tibet, Kaimaya, and in India also.

"Nagamaya" they were called. There are glyphs that speak of these visitations, like the Wingmakers. More will be discovered when it is time. In 2012, these wise ones will return again. There are some now incarnated in bodies, we do not know who they are and it is a secret until the time comes. This is the return of the ancestors spoken about in the prophesies. They will all arise, not just Mayan, all of us.

The prophecy says: "May it dawn, may the new day come, may people have peace and be happy." To guide you with these messages, it is the message of the dawn...the bringers of the dawn. You will see then where we have come from. The Psychic says we, together will see our mountains, our children, our waters..."Now that I return I see my children confused in different religions and cities destroyed and my mountains and deserts and rivers polluted." When they return in 2012, what will we show them? What will they see? Take this message and share it. This is why we are gathering, to tell people the importance of saving the mother earth, of stopping the pollution.
“The Mayans developed a unique system to track time, but the Mayan perceived time as a pure synchronization and harmony with nature and with the universe,” Jaramillo said.

According to the Maya prophecies, humanity has always stood “Between 2 Worlds”: the old world of power, technology, and money, and the new world of peace, love, unity, and harmony. And our task according to this prophecy is our need to balance these two worlds, before the end of the Mayan cycle in 2012.

The Gregorian calendar, Jaramillo said, represents an old world that’s outdated, inhumane, and useless.

“Because we are living in a world that is rushing all the time, people are getting stress, because they don’t have time for their own families, and that is what I think is wrong about the Gregorian calendar,” Jaramillo said. “The Gregorian calendar was codified after the Doctrine of Discovery, and assumes that the power of the Christian Church around the planet had the power to take any land owned by non-Christian peoples. It allowed for a method to people for economic and political measure of time.”

In “Between 2 Worlds,” Maya calendar scholars give their opinions in favor of the Mayan calendar and encourage people to start implementing the philosophies of the Maya to their daily lives.

“We don’t think about it, but we’re using a calendar, the Gregorian Calendar, that constantly tells us that life is not going anywhere,” said author and Mayan scholar Dr. Carl Calleman. “We’re just on this year after year. It’s a worldview that tells us that life has no purpose, and creation has no purpose, and evolution has no purpose. It’s just this endless, repeated cycle of the Earth around the Sun.

For Ramon Mendoza, an artist and philosopher, “the Mayan calendar is a textbook, it is a map, it is a way to know who we are.” 

Jaramillo, who’s originally from Guadalajara but has roots in Mayan Yucatan Peninsula, said that “reintroducing the Maya calendar is an emergency plan for people of Earth.”