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Spielbahn Prophecy

In 1940, records were discovered of a lawsuit filed in 1772 against a weaver who was called Spielbahn or Lugnebahm (Liar-Path or Fool-Path) by his detractors. He appeared before the Elector's Court in Honnef, Germany, to account for these predictions:

"A small people will arise and bring war into the world. When they build a bridge across the Rhine River near Mondorf, it would be advisable to be among the first to cross over it to the other side. A great barbarian country will sink down. With it will sink many false prophets. Many foreign people will be murdered here. Poison will fall as rain upon the fields, which will bring great hunger into Germany. Finally, a foreign king will rise and win victory for the just cause. The survivors of the adversary armies will flee as far as the Birch Tree; there the last battle will be decided for the good cause. Those who have been hiding in the mountains will return to plant the fields. Those brothers who have escaped the holocaust will return from abroad with their children and they will live again in peace at home. It will be a good and happy time."