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Yajuj & Majuj (Gog & Magog) Prophecy - Islam

As in the Bible, Moslem prophecy also foretells the invasion of the Mideast by Gog and Magog (usually thought to be Russia and allies, or perhaps the Chinese), whom they call Yajuj and Majug. Long ago they were imprisoned behind a magical wall built between two huge mountains by Zul Qarnain. Yajuj and Majug cannot climb over the barrier until Allah wills it, nor does it occur to them to go around. Instead, they attempt to tunnel under it, stopping every evening just short of success, rather than persisting round the clock. Allah fills the tunnel again every night. They will not break through until Allah allows them to think the words "If Allah wills it".

"And when Yajuj and Majuj are set loose, they shall rush forth from every hill." (Quran 21:96)

Yajuj and Majuj will be released in two groups. At that time, believers should go to Mt. Sinai. When Yajuj and Majuj reach Mt. Khamrim in Israel, they will claim victory. The prayers of believers will be answered; Yajuj and Majuj will be covered with infectious boils that will kill them. Other sources state that Allah will send a worm that will kill them. Chapter "Fitnah" has more to say about the matter:

"Yajuj and Majuj are still behind a barrier somewhere on this Earth, continuously trying to break down the barrier or wall, in order to be free. But Allah does not allow them to break it, until the time when He is ready for them to do so. The first sign of the breaking of the barrier will be the fire which will rise in Sham [Syria].

"Their population will be vast in numbers... Their death rate is much lower than that of the rest of the world. Their physical body is so strong that their two ears are like those of an elephant, one of which they sleep on, while the other ear covers their entire body.

"Before the time comes for their release from behind the barrier, Allah will send Isa from Heaven to slay Dajjal, and Jesus will still be on this Earth when the time comes for Yajuj and Majuj to be set free. Then Allah will tell Isa to take the believing servants of Allah with him and shelter them in the mountains. Allah will then break the barrier and let Yajuj and Majuj free, and they will surge forth and devour everything upon the earth. All vegetation, animals, the waters of the whole world and even human beings will be devoured by them, and not a single drop of water will be left in the Gulf of Tiberius. Their voice will be so loud that the whole world will shake and tremble at the power of it. After they have devoured everything they will still not be satisfied, and they will rush through the sky and begin to shoot arrows into the heavens in order to try and kill Allah. And Allah in turn will fulfill their wish and command the angels to put blood on the arrows and return them to earth.

"When they see the arrows return to earth covered in blood, they will believe that they have killed Allah. Then they will say: "We have killed God, now let us try to dominate the moon and sky."

"At that time Allah will send down some kind of disease upon them which will eat all the flesh from their bones... The smell from their bodies when they die from this disease will spread all over the world. Then it is that Isa, with all other Moslems who have hidden in the mountains, will pray to Allah to save them from the disease and death. Then a great cloud will cover the sky and Allah will send down rain for 40 days. At first the rain will be red, the color of blood. It will then turn green and will wash away the smell and the bodies. The rain will finally become clear and purify everything."