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The Sea of Glass Prophecy

 "When the hearts of the women lay on the ground the Nations shall Perish."
Honorable Cheyenne Nation...

+stands at the councilfire and asked permission to is granted.
Approaches the fire with tobacco and sage offerings, walks backwards
counterclockwise around the fire in humbled remembrance of all the
betrayals of First Nations*

I come before this circle and council today with a heart full of
messages and ask your forgiveness as this humble Tsalagi Woman speaks of
many things which she has been told during this journey.

Yesterday....I walked upon sacred grounds. I walked among the graves of
hundreds of my People...your People...our First Nations People from many
tribes...our own....and many now forgotten and extinct. I walked acres and
acres among piled rocks left there by loved ones who buried their hearts
with those who left them.

I climbed ravines...sometimes almost hand over foot...had clothing torn
by bushes...stumbled...and with joyous heart walked into....the Valley of
The Children.

Yesterday....three Tsalagi Women of heart...defied court orders...and
walked among our People in honor. Yesterday three Cherokee Women walked
among the Ancestors and filmed...with love...our People's story...
We had spoken, the other two women of honor and myself..about the risks
involved should be film....and each of us agreed it did not matter....That
this story had to be seen....told....and it is with this purpose that I
come to you today and ask you to hear my heart.

I....of the Tsalagi Nation ask you to go back in the past to understand
the future...

Our Beloved Woman, Nancy Ward, who believed in the goodness of others,in
the 1700's saw starving soldiers and took them Cherokee Cattle to keep them
alive. Four days later the soldiers attacked and burned our holy Capital.
Nancy was taken prisoner and kept in Virginia for 19 months. She returned,
never to see her loved town again...and her spirit was never of the same

On May 24, 1838, our People, who lived in harmony and peace were taken
at gunpoint, rounded up as cattle and herded into stockades in
Georgia...Pens so small that small children had to sleep on top of their
parents..No sanitary conditions...not enough food....Hundreds died of
dysentery, typhus and tetanus. This...despite that we had won the right to
keep our lands in the US Supreme Court...

Our lands were taken...and given away in a lottery...we lost

In the 1890's the Cheyenne and Sioux People were attacked in their
sleeps and massacred despite the fact they had committed no crime more
heinous than dancing their Ghost Dance Religion.

I remember a few years back...when the Tennessee Valley Authority won
the right to flood our sacred lands for their dams. We begged in court to
be allowed to dig up our Ancestors and move them. We had no money for
shovels and picks. We literally dug them up with our bare hands. When our
attorney went to court to beg for more time so we could dig up our people
with our hands the Judge said it was not his problem and denied it. Our
attorney stood tall and proud...and said, "Years ago we were given a
prophecy..and we did not understand it then...but we do now. We were told
that our dead would look upon Creators face through a sea of glass." NOW
we understand it...FLOOD IT! FLOOD IT! Go ahead NOW and help the prophecy
be fulfilled! FLOOD IT!!!"I was always proud of the fire of those words.
I remember a friends story of how, in the 1920's, her family, who lived
in a small log cabin in the Smokey Mountain was served notice by Federal
Marshals to vacate...that they no longer owned the family home that their
family had lived in for generations. They came back three times....on the
third time the federal marshals burned it to the ground and with it all
their clothing, food and belongings. Mr. Shaw lost 4 of his children that
first winter....his wife the next winter for they had no place to go.
Six months ago a 104 year old Navaho Grandmother was displaced and
forced from the only home she had ever known....the only floor she had ever
slept on. This is now...not in the 1830's.

As we speak bills are trying to be introduced to have original allotment
homes revert back to the U.S. Government once the original allottee is
dead..which all are of course. This is NOW...not the 1830's....

We have been pushed....further and further...and now...I have seen the
worse of mankind...I see our dead for sale.
I walked on that sacred land....and saw where the logging company had
bulldozed into oblivion, forever any signs of sacred medicine
men...warriors...elders...babies...mothers...fathers...I walked in stunned
disbelief at the carnage...I kneeled down on that ground...spreading sage
and tobacco and crying...My heart could not believe this thing. I looked
up at my two sisters who were staring in shock. We looked up...two sacred
hawks circled us overhead...silent guardians of this place...we filmed

I saw the Warriors wall...thousands of years old...and the graves of the
warriors next to it where they had fallen in keeping vigilance to protect
that land...and I saw plastic milk cartons....discarded papers...and
vandalized graves.

My Sister told me they had done everything they could to save it....She
has given 20% of her own grocery money, literally going without food, to
pay legal bills to fight in the court. The Judge told them to PROVE they
were related to those buried there. PROVE IT! HOW can we PROVE IT? OF
COURSE WE ARE! A Archaeologist hired by the Logging Company said that this
was a grave..but those others were not...yet all were exactly the same as
we walked it. I could not understand.....I could not.

She said they begged to be able to at least close the graves...and were
forbidden by court order to do so.

I followed in silence as we filmed the scene of destruction...and she
stopped and pointed to the sacred Medicine Man's grave who protected the
valley of the Children. From the center of it if from his
heart...a giant tree...and as I walked up...we saw the bones there...just
laying there on top of the ground...and my heart sank.

She showed me the altar..thousands of years old one around anymore
to do ceremony on Creator felled a sacred cedar tree which landed
exactly in the middle of the perpetual timeless sacred
offering...and we filmed it.

We walked around the I stepped through the hundreds of
graves...and came...into the Valley of The Children...She pointed out a
felled giant tree...pulled up by its if by some unseen power,
angry at the destruction of this sacred place.

And then....I walked around the corner...and I saw it...the thing which
broke our hearts...A tiny baby's of them...where
vandals had dug into them....stolen the bones and artifacts...and
again...she reminded me...we could not close them legally.

She told me the true story of a young child who appeared there one
day...and there are many stories of this happening to those who walk those
grounds...The child approached a visitor and asked, "What happened to the
man who planted selu (corn)?" The man who owned that particular tract of
land was cherokee who would only plant corn on that section out of respect
for the dead there.....and who had died.

We defiance...all of it. All of show you the
cruelty of man...I wanted you to see understand that we are still

I spoke to a 95 year old woman, Omi Bradford, who every other week, of
her whole life has gone to that sacred place and tried to tend the graves.
She is too feeble to go anymore and I was glad for this thing...for she
asked me point blank a question that broke my heart to answer..."Tell me,
they have not built a road through there have they? I am so afraid they
are going to do that." I got down on one knee before Sisters I had to tell her, "Grandmother...they have taken bulldozers in
there...and yes...they have torn up the land and made a logging road in
there now." She looked into my eyes in disbelief....shaking her head...her
eyes which had seen many things...filling with tears. She could not speak
and I knew she was remembering almost a decade of her caretaking...which
was done...for nothing.

And so....we Three walked out...silently...for what was there to say? I
asked one of my Sisters who had been fighting for years to save this land
with her grocery money...What can we do? What can we do?
She said...."They want 7 Million Dollars for this property. I spoke
with the Governor of Georgia's wife....He offered $l.5 million to the
Georgia State Senator who owns this and plans to put a housing addition on
it. The Senator turned it down..He is asking three times what it is

I am struck by the thought....they are holding our dead ancestors
hostage for ransom.

As we begin to leave....she asks me...."Do you want to go with me
tonight to Chattanooga? I just got a call about a fresh grave desecration
of our People there." I tell her yes...and we agree to meet.
Later...I go to her home...something has come up that she cannot make
the trip tonight to Chattanooga....and I see how sick she she has given everything and collapsed once from physical
exhaustion. I tell her I worry for her...She replies, "I have given my
heart for the People...I am prepared to give my Spirit."

And then....I am given the sacred trust of telling another story....and
this story is so overwhelming that I hesitated to share it with you...and
do so only to let you know that there are two others in this circle...who
know it...and since we are filming it....I will reveal it to you...

The Hopi Sacred ones called for the 6 sacred stones to be brought to
them...They retreated to prayer and to read the stones...emerged...refused
to say what they had seen...and stated.."The seventh stone is not here.."
For those of you who do not know of our prophecy..there are seven stones
to be read to tell of what is going to happen to the world.

Last night....*offers prayers here*...the stone was unwrapped and I saw
it. I was allowed to film it...and have photos of it. It came from a
secret location...On that location is exactly what our Cherokee Prophecy's
have given...a healing spring..a altar..thousands of years old...and on the
rock was written a message...we knew what it said..."Warrior (Guardian) of
the Sacred Fire." We believe it to be the 7th stone.

Now..what I am about to tell you will take much faith on your part...The
pictures I have in my possession show a progression of red light...a fire
like light coming from that stone...You can see it getting redder...and
more powerful in the sequence of pictures. One of the medicine men who
came and saw it...said it had sacred power. I breathed on that stone...I
looked at it inches from me...felt it's power..and I say to you that in my
entire life I have never seen or known anything as sacred.

The location has been kept secret for untold one has seen it
before...and the cairns and monoliths there are incredibly powerful and
sacred. It is joyous that it has remained undiscovered...for it too would
have been vandalized and destroyed.

The stone is kept guarded safely but I asked and received permission for
Michael, who is coming to see me in June, from England to view it and
inspect it. The pictures will be scanned and put up on the homepage in the
next few days for I received permission to do that. What you will see then
will move your heart....

We sat and spoke our hearts last night....and they we felt it
hopeless to raise 7 million dollars to rescue the ancestors. I told
them...There is no other choice...none...They told me that the land where
the sacred spring is on is only $56,000...and I might as well
be 7 million...for the number of that money struck me immediately...7...for
the 7 clans.

They told me the story of the White religious leaders dilemma during the
imprisonment of our people during the roundup before the forced March to
Oklahoma...As our People were droves...the religious leaders of
the dominant culture could not decide whether to pray over our dead or not
and one said, "Does a Savage Have a Soul?" I could not speak....

We hugged out Goodbyes...and I promised to return next week as they gave
me all the original documents and affidavits and some video tape to study
at home. I started towards I had wished to film the Yaqui
Nation's Sundance for the Children.

It was late...about 3 AM when I pulled into the first rest stop across the
Alabama Border to rest for a hour...and as I slept...suddenly I was the sound of a child crying. Another thing I hesitate to
tell you. I raised children were around...Dawn was breaking....I
had this profound sense of sadness...of loss as I remembered stepped out of my car as the dawn came..and knelt
on the Alabama soil..and did the Morning Ceremony and offered
I felt tourists there were probably staring in disbelief.

I asked...What do you wish me to do? What? And I knew...I had to turn
around...come back...and write this story to drove 400
miles NC to a computer to write it. And each mile of the way my
heart thought...of the children....

So...I stand before this council...and I now speak my heart's purpose to
you..and I give you the messages of what I have learned from this Journey

I speak first to the Warriors Societies...of First Nations...I ask you
this...You have been sworn by blood to protect the Old ones...the
babies...the women...and I stood by your sacred Society's Warrior's wall
there..and saw the graves of your Brothers who fell protecting that
land...and I ask you...Does not your blood oath also bind you to protect
those of our People who have gone South? Does your heart not also say to
you that you cannot allow them to be stolen?

To the Teachers...Have you taught your students the truth of our being
sold as slaves? Of our being kidnapped? Of our people's bodies being
stolen and kidnapped even in Death? Do you tell them that we are even now
being held for a ransom?

To the Medicine People...You know of the prophecies...You know our
laws...Do you not see that our sacred oath to protect our lands are being
violated? Do you sit there and your heart not speak from Spirit to do
something about this thing?

To the Gentle People of All Nations...Do you not see the tragedy of
these acts? Are we so desensitized that it does not matter
to us anymore? Do you not understand that today it is us...tomorrow it is
your culture? Would you not take our hand and help us fight this thing? It
is against human rights...not just indian rights...not just the Indian
First Nations People...all..ALL people....

To my First Nations Brothers and Sisters...Your hearts are on the
ground...your do not see a cause in your life to fight for...You
exist...merely exist...You have no fire in your hearts anymore..You do not
do the old dances...You do not observe the Traditions...Why? Why? Have you
so assimilated you have forgotten you are of a Honorable People? You are
of FIRST NATIONS! I say to you...this humble Tsalagi Woman say...Stand up!
Bring your HEARTS UP!!! Remember the words of Crazy Horse..FIGHT ON! FIGHT ON! Do NOT please allow our many tribes of People to be bound to this earth because of this desecration...We need help....

To the hundreds of college students who talk to me in isca...I say to
you that you have told me...most all of you there is nothing to believe in
anymore. You do not see honor anymore..nor pride of a People. I say to
you...Stand for this..Stand for this honor! Plant your staff deeply on
this battlefield to save these thousands of graves...but more than make..MAKE promises be make them Honor their Promises.

Too long we have stepped further and further into the darkness...until
we have been so blinded we cannot see the way anymore. We must take a
stand...and say..NO MORE! NO MORE!!

I do not know how....I do not know which way we can do this thing..but I
say to you that I cannot stand silent in the darkness anymore and watch
babies taken from graves...a people dishonored....I cannot. Each heart
must speak for itself...but I know three Cherokee Women who are determined
not to allow another bulldozer tear up one more grave...

I know your hearts are generous...but do NOT send me money
not...I know others want to help...but this is not the way...We must do
what is necessary and I would wish you to contribute to the fund to buy
that land. Some might think there is no way we could raise $7 million. I
only know that we must try. To save the land...Preservationists of Native
American Sites, Inc. must be contacted. 5551 Prince Phillip Way Stone
Mountain Georgia 30087

To those of you who write to me about this...please cc a copy to Gary
Night Owl at I will be traveling filming a lot...and Gary is
of the Warrior Society, my friend...and will help answer as will his wife

For those of you who wish to fight this ask other questions
please know it may take a little time but we will answer your questions.
As I leave the fire...I leave with you this thought..."Do Savages have

Brekah: (age 6) But...Grandmother...why did the people hug the trees as
they were being forced off their lands?
Grandmother: The soldiers didn't understand we were saying goodbye to our
loved ones.

Brekah: But..but..why didn't they just run off? Why did they stay on that
march on the Trail of Tears?

Grandmother: Because each night..they would run the old ones around the
fires until they fell from exhaustion. They knew the younger ones would
not leave the old ones there.

Brekah: And they dig up our dead ancestors why? Why do they say they want
to study them?

Grandmother: Perhaps, Brekah, because they didn't learn the lessons well
enough in the past.

Brekah: *looks up* Then they will repeat them?
Grandmother: *nods* Then it shall be repeated...

Brekah: *softly* I think Creator will have something to say about that myself.
Grandmother: So do do I....

+Backs 7 steps from the for each of the sacred clans.+
Thank you for hearing my heart....