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We are, ALL OF US, wrong - Choctaw

 My Name is Jim "Rabid Wolf" Hickinbotham , I am an indigenous man of North America (Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma). What I speak, I speak for myself and no one else. I represent no one, no one tells me what to say. I think for myself. I ask only that you read what I have written, give it a fair hearing, then act upon it as seems right in your heart. 
You may do what you will this - disseminate it as you will, print and copy it; delete it if that suits you. I ask only that if it is passed on, it be done so with out addition or deletion. This is my vision, it was gifted to me, and I give it you as freely. 

Recent events have brought the world to the brink of war and destruction, such has never been known in the histories of the world, written or oral. People have begun to polarize, calling for war or peace, justice or mercy, revenge or forgiveness. Each knows himself or herself to be right, not understand why others cannot see it their way. 

What has happened to me began three nights ago with a dream of my third great-grandfather. He had but one thing to tell me, "If you cannot see the other side, guard your sight jealously, for you are already blind in one eye." Two nights later, I had the vision that I share with you now. We are, ALL OF US, wrong. If you have been crying for peace, you are wrong. If you have been crying for war, you are wrong. If your stand has been for justice, you are wrong. If you stood for revenge, you are wrong. All of us are wrong. There are no clean hands in all of this. We are about to all pay for our arrogance. There are no choices, no options. If America retaliates, there will be war, perhaps in the entire world. If she does not, then she will be provoked until she does. 

If Bin Laden is taken, arrested, 25 or more atrocities will be committed to regain his freedom, if he is killed, at least one - and we will go to war in either case. Do not wonder why America had such machinations in the last presidential election; it is because George Bush has been placed there for this very purpose. I am not saying that he is "God's man," I am saying that he there because he would behave exactly as he is doing. I don't not believe any of the other candidates would act as he does or will. Osama Bin Laden is where he is for exactly the same reason, no more no less. 

Read nothing more into those statements than what is there. We cannot go to war. The cost is too high. Neither can we turn our backs. We cannot arrest whom we assume to be guilty - there is no justice on our courts throughout the world. We have allowed them to become a mockery of any just law or ethic. We have twisted them into a tool of our own misshapen senses. 

Islam, Christianity, Judaism are all three peoples of the same God. All three teach compassion, justice, and tolerance. Yet all three have brought us wars and injustice, not through their teachings but by those who call themselves followers and have twisted them to their own devices. We are left with no choices, no options. This is by Creator's own hand. He has made it so. The only alternative is not to participate. 

We must each take a step, whether left or right, forward or back, one step to the center and STOP. We do not have the luxury of continuing as we have. If you have been slinging dirt, trying to show others why this has happened, STOP. If you have been calling for peace, even marching in the streets, STOP. If you have been standing for justice, STOP. If you have been seeking revenge, STOP. Regardless or what we do, it will bring only war. If you defame and demonstrate, you tell this man he has already won - there is a breach in our resolve. If you call for war, you give him what he desires and again he has won. If you call for "justice" in the courts of the world, he knows himself that they are twisted beyond ethical recourse, and he has won. To follow the way of love is always a good thing, but that presupposes that the other party is capable of understanding or even caring. 

Remember, "Never fight a battle you cannot win. Second, ALWAYS choose your battles." The only hope we have is to not participate. Either we all learn this lesson, together, at the same time, or we perish. We must allow Creator to do what he is doing. Take your hands away from this thing. In that he has given us no choice, Creator has taken away our responsibility. In that way, he has given us the opportunity to avoid falling into the traps set by all parties concerned. Let all things be what they are and what they wish to be. 

Jim "Rabid Wolf" Hickinbotham Belleville, Illinois, USA September 22, 2001