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Marie Jehannet Prophecy

The French nun Marie Julie Jehannet (born 1850) manifested stigmata on her hands and feet from age 23 until her death in 1900. During that entire period she lived without sleep, food or drink! Although she lay bedridden for several years in her old age, she always had the face of a young girl. She made the following prophecy in March 1891:

"There will a three-day Darkness in the entirety of nature; during the three Nights and two Days there will be an uninterrupted night.

"The lit Candles will be all the Light to be had. A single candle will last for three Days. Lightning will smash into those homes, but they will not wipe out the light of the candles. Neither the wind nor the storm nor earthquake will destroy the lighted candles.

"But in the Houses of the Godless and those who have not found God through all this, there will be bad spirits in the most horrible configurations imaginable and they will make the strangest sounds ever heard. Red clouds like blood will move across the heavens. The cracking and thunder will shake the Earth. Unbelievable lightning will shake the streets in a way that has never been seen. The Earth will shake to its Foundation. The Water of the Ocean will foam over the Land and will be tossed over the embankment. And the entire Earth will become a Cemetery. The Famine will then be great. This Crisis will happen very quickly, and the Punishment will be the same all over the World."

Another recorded version of the prophecy states:

"The earth will be like a vast cemetary. Corpses of the impious and of the just will cover it. The earth will tremble to its fundaments, then great waves will agitate the sea and invade the continents."