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How Much Longer to Go? - Mongolia

"the enemies of the Divine Spirit, and of the Divine Spirit in Man, will come." 

by Gordon Creighton. 

Some recent events near at home may have induced a few folk here and there to ponder deeply upon the "whys and wherefores" of it all, but that will have little effect since, as Gurdjieff taught us, most of mankind is fast asleep. 

Several times in recent years however, I have mentioned the powerful evidence that our present so-called "human" species is not the first intelligent community to have appeared on this Planet and that, as all its predecessors had, it too "has a date some day with Destiny". And another of our teachers, the Indonesian Sufi Muhammad Subuh, who knew a lot about such matters, hinted that there have been at least five or six such earlier "humanities" here (the last being covered by our term "Atlantis") and that all were destroyed and replaced in due course by others raised up by the same Divine Creative Power. 

While we know absolutely nothing about any of those earlier "previous occupants", or about why they were "scrubbed", we should not overlook the fact that, if our own fragmentary religious traditions are to be believed, this present mankind of ours was vitiated, gravely tainted, almost right from the start, by certain elements mixed into them that are not even "human" at all, but "something else." 

These "Sons of Belial" or "Sons of Satan" (Beni-Belial*), as they are called in the Hebrew Old Testament, are unfortunately still very much with us, and aiming for a big and conclusive triumph soon. There is an important Mongolian prophecy, dating from an extraordinary event in the last century and predicting that "the enemies of the Divine Spirit, and of the Divine Spirit in Man, will come."