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A Moorish Prophecy

This is a prophesy concerning us Moors following our defeat at the hands of the so-called "Rome" ( Roman Catholics ). The "Island" in the "extreme west", was also a term used to describe Atlantis / America. This prophesy definitely deals with the plight of our people. We are in a state of "hopelessness and despair". Even the Angels are vexed. The "New Year" which begins on saturday, is the new year of Jan 1, 2000, which is on a Saturday.

The year 2000 will mark the 500th anniversary of the defeat and fall of the Moorish Empire, which like the Phoenix ( as in Phoenician) Bird, will rise again from it's own ashes ( "miserable state" ). The year 2000 is also the year of the great computer glitch which is prophesised to bring "all the wheels of industry to a complete halt". Noble Drew Ali Said that when the wheels start back up, it will be in the Asiatic/Moorish favor (The Great Jubilee). He Also Said That In The Year 2000, "The Moors Will Come Into Their Own". Allah the Great Avenger ( Muntaqim ) has heard our cries in the wilderness of North America ( and around the world ), and will send "someone" to save us from our misery. The die is set. Prepare.