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Sibylline Fragments Prophecy

The Sibylline Oracles include these mentions of the Grand Monarch and the Angelic Pope:

"A star shall arise in Europe over the Iberians, toward the great house of the North, whose beams shall unexpectedly enlighten the whole world. This shall be in a most desired time, when mortal men, being weary of armies, with joint consent embrace peace. Almost at the same time as this star, a light as ancient as the former, of the same age, burning with far more eager flames, shall extend his government to the coasts of the Antipodes. France shall first be yoked by this king or Prince. Britain shall humbly cast herself at his knees. Italy, pausing with greater deliberation upon high enterprises, shall contribute to him her languishing right hand. But this very light shall hide itself in the clouds of the gods long before his time with the mighty desire of mortal men...

"The destruction of the world will occur when faith in godliness shall perish from men, and justice is hidden away in the world, and men become renegades and, living on unholy enterprises, commit deeds of shame, and acts, dastardly and evil; and no man takes account of the godly, but even in their senselessness, fond fools, they destroy themselves, rejoicing in acts of violence, turning their hands to deeds of bloodshed.

"Now I will tell thee a very evident sign, that thou mayst understand when the end of all things is coming on the earth. When swords in the starlit heaven appear by night toward dusk and dawn, and straightaway dust is carried from heaven to earth, and the moon's rays shine forth and come back to earth, and a sign comes from the rock with dripping streams of blood, and in a cloud ye shall see a battle of foot and horse, as a hunt of wild beasts, like unto misty clouds, this is the consummation of war which God, whose dwelling is in heaven, is bringing to pass. From the sunrise God will send a king who shall give every land relief from the bane of war: some he shall slay and to others he shall consecrate faithful vows. Nor shall he do all these things by his own will, but in obedience to the good ordinances of the mighty God. And again the people of the mighty God shall be laden with excellent wealth, with gold and silver and purple adornment. The land shall bear her increase, and the sea shall be full of good things. And kings shall be weary of repelling evil one against another with wrath. Envy is no good thing for miserable souls.

"The Lion Monarch shall be made famous unto all and shall subvert kingdoms, peoples and nations. Then God shall send a King from the sun, who shall cause all the people of the earth to cease from disastrous war. He will take away the intolerable yoke of slavery which is placed upon our necks, and he will do away with impious laws and violent chains. When he shall come there shall be fire and darkness in the midst of the black night."