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The Birch Tree Prophecy

Just as it did in the First and Second World Wars, Germany is destined to play a key role in the Third. Several German prophets have named Westphalia as the area where the final battle of the war will be fought. After the collapse of the Russian attack on Europe, the surviving invaders will escape to an area about sixty miles northeast of Cologne, defined by the towns of Unna, Hamm, Suest, Werl, Holtum, and Kirsch-Hemmard.(5-7, 17)

The original Birch Tree Prophecies were transmitted orally for centuries.  The Name "Birch Tree" probably is a mistranslation of the German word "Kirch" (cherry); The old German letter "K" looks like a "B". The earliest known written description was recorded in 1431 by Eberhard Windecke, the court historian of Kaiser Sigismund. It tells of a vision of a horrible battle between two "men" lasting two days and nights.

In 1545, a chronicler from Lunen also recorded a vision of a battle of this scale. Another anonymous prophecy, dated 1701, was recorded by Beykirch in his Prophetstimmen (1849):

"There will come a time when the world become very godless. The people will become self-reliant from the king, and there will bea general loss of respect for authority and those who are no longer true to their masters or to their relief will become the rulers. There will then be a general uproar, so that father will fight against son, and son will fight against father.

"There will come a time when one will no longer respect the beliefs of the church and the school. New books will be introduced. There will come a time when the Catholic religion will feel very crowded, and there will be an attempt to get rid of it. People will enjoy play and joyous occasions about this time, and be generally fascinated by entertainment. But then it will not take very long for a change to step in. There will be an incredible war... On one side stands Russia and the entire North. And on the other side is France and the whole South under one first. This knight will come from Midday. He wears a white cloak with buttons that go down to his feet. He carries a Cross on his chest, and rides a donkey. He will be lame afoot. This knight is so together that no one tries to stop him. He is also a peacemaker. Great is his strength. He manages to get rid of all dance music and unnecessary clothes that people might wear.

"The chief of the Prussian Army will be stopped in a place that is designed to make horse bridles.

"The enemies who are strangers to Germany will be put to flight and they will not have time to take with them what will nourish them during their flight.

"The barbarian peoples of the northern bear will come to conquer but their enemies will take courage and they will battle with the fury of despair. Then their power will be broken, its force will be annihilated and then some few people will be at pains to survive in order to carry home the news of their defeat.

"The prince who will deliver the great combat will go to a church at Bremen to hear the Mass. From Bremen he will ride. From there he will see with his telescope toward the region of the Birch tree to observe the foes. Thereafter they will go up to Holtum, an area near Werl... By Holtum there stands a Crucifix between two linden trees. Before these linden trees he will kneel down, and for a long time he will pray with arms outstretched. Thereafter he will lead his soldiers, who are dressed in white, to the meeting. He will then remain after a bloody battle. He will be the victor. On a stream that flows from West to East near Berdberg and Sondberg there will be the most murdering and killing. There, after the battle this victorious master of the field, this Prince, will collect the people into the church of Schaffhausen near Werl and give them a talk."

Another version of this prophecy is given in The Proceedings of the Heavenly Renewal from the Unknown Who Became Illuminated (Cologne, 1701):

"When the time is near, people will not know how to dress. Women will wear hats like men, and pants like men. Then will follow a tragic and unlucky time like our Creator has spoken of before us. People will fear themselves on earth, and fear things that are to come.

"Father will be against son, and son against father. Dogma will be perverted; men will try to overthrow the Catholic church! Mankind will become lovers of pleasure. The true and believing will not be found anymore, after which the independent peoples will fight wars against each other for a long time. Thrones will have collapsed, and kingdoms will collapse. And through this process, the unaffected East against the West will resort to heavy weapons. Then it is no longer over fatherland, language or belief. A war will follow after a winter which really was no winter, when there will be a soulless snow that will fall. The flowers will bloom very early in this year, and the cows will be up to their knees in grass by April. The first soldiers that come will wear cherry blossoms on their helmets. The rye will be brought in before the battle but the wheat won't. The soldiers are animals and will eat the wheat in the fields.

"On the east field by Gravenstein, the soldiers will kill a red cow. However, they won't have much time to eat from it.

"The citizens flee from the town. A young lass with a red skirt who is the last to cross the small creek will be shot. In the middle of Germany they will meet. Towns and villages will be destroyed. After, it will be necessary for the people to hide in the mountains and in the woods.

In the nearby lower Germany, the battle will be decided. There will be battles like the world has never seen before. This terrible battle will begin by the Birch Forest near Bodberg. For three days they will fight; covered with wounds, they will fight until they stand in blood"...