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The Monk of Padua Prophecy

Another series of papal prophecies was made by the Monk of Padua. His predictions existed in manuscript form before 1790, but were not published until 1889. The prophecies relate to the last 20 popes and actually names them. However, the names are not in accord since the ascension of Benedict XV in 1914. The Monk of Padua expected him to take the name of Paul VI, but Benedict did not oblige him.

The Monk wrote of Pope John Paul I (whom he named Pius XII), that "From the half-moon proceeds this Pope sent to Rome by the Divine Doctor. Hail, O our well-beloved Father, Pius IX, the most Holy Mediator, future victim!" In his book In God's Name (1984), David Yallup claimed that Pope John Paul was poisoned with digitalis (to give the appearance of a heart attack) because he planned to press an investigation of the Vatican Bank's links to the Propaganda Due (P-2) Masonic Lodge and a network of front companies in Europe and South America, whereby millions of dollars were channeled for secret purposes. No autopsy was performed, and the body was quickly embalmed. The Pope also was preparing to liberalize the Church's position on birth control, and he planned to remove several high officials, among them Archbishop Paul Minkus (president of the Vatican Bank).

The Monk of Padua wrote this about Pope John Paul II:

"Thanks to an excellent work of the sun, the earth has nourished the devoted flock of a most holy shepherd --- our very Holy Father, Gregory XVIII, a priest altogether admirable."

The next Pope (St. Malachi's De Gloria Olivae) was named Leo XIV:

"Oh, what a messenger of peace of the glory of the olive tree, of the Lord, oh, what a protector, all filled with goodness! -- the Pope, Leo XIV, energetic monarch, a glorious reign."

The monk's predictions end there, without mention of St. Malachi's "Peter Romanus".