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Thomas Norton Poetic Prophecy

The 15th century alchemist Thomas Norton transmitted a poetic prophecy about Elias Artista in his Ordinal of Alchemy:

"Arise by Surname when the change of Coin was had,
Made some men sorry, and some men glad:
And as to much people that change,
Seemed a thing new and strange;
So that season befell a wonderous thing,
Touching this Science without leaving.
That three masters of this Science all
Lay in one Bed nigh to Leadenhall,
Which has Elixirs perfect White and Red,
A wonder such Three to rest in one Bed,
And that within the space of days Ten,
While hard it is to find one in Millions of Men.
Of the Dukedom of Lorraine one I understand
Was born, that other nigh in the middle of England,
Under a Crosse, in the end of Shires three,
The third was borne; the youngest of them is he.
Which by his Nativity is by Clerks found,
That he should honor all English ground;
A Man might walk all the World about,
And fail such Three Master to find out;
Two be fleeting, the Youngest shall abide,
And do much good in this Land at a Tide.
But sin of Princes shall let or delay
The Grace that he should do on a day.
The eldest Master changed of him a song,
And said that he should suffer much wrong
Of them which were to him greatly beholden.
And many things more this Master told,
Which since that time hath truly befall,
And some of them hereafter shall,
Whereof one is truly (said he)
After Troubles great Joy shall be
In every quarter of this Land,
Which all good Men shall understand:
The younger asked when that should be,
The old Man said when men shall see
The Holy Cross honored both day and night,
In the Land of God in the Land of Light;
Which may be done in right good season,
But long delayed it is without reason:
When that begins note well this thing,
That Science shall draw towards the King;
And many more Graces ye may be told;
Grace on that King shall descend,
When he old Manners shall amend:
He shall make full secret search,
For this Science with dulcet speech;
And among the Solitary,
He shall have tidings certainly.
So sought King Kalid of many men,
Which helped Kalid at his need,
His virtues caused him to speed. "

The eminent British occultist Arthur E. Waite reprinted the prophecy in interpretive prose form in The Hermetic Museum:

"This knowledge would often have been the glory of England's kings, if their hopes had been firmly placed upon God. One who shall have obtained his honors by means of this Art, will mend old manners, and change them for the better. When he comes, he will reform the kingdom, and by his goodness and virtue he will set an everlasting example to rulers. In his time the common people will rejoice, and render praise to God in mutual neighborly love. O King, who are to accomplish all this, pray to God the King, and implore His aid in the matter. So the glory of thy mind will be crowned with the glory of a golden age, which shall not then be hoped for as future."