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Wessel Eilert Prophecy

Another Westphalian seer, a farmer named Wessel Dietrich Eilert (also known as Old Jasper), left us more details about the Battle of the Birch Tree. Eilert lived in Huckarde near Dortmund, Germany, from 1764 to 1833. This prophecy was first published in 1848:

"In the year when the war begins, it was possible to bring the corn in already, but not the wheat. Before this war there will be a time of general disloyalty; men will take evil for goodness and honor, deceit for politeness... There will be a general collapse of the fiber of society. This war will begin in the East. The war will break out very quickly. In the evening, one will want to say "Peace, Peace," but there is no peace, and in the morning the enemy will be at the door and all will resound with the din of war. It will last but a few days, and those who can hide for a few days will be safe. Also, the pull-out will be quite fast. One throws wheels and carriages into the water or the fleeing enemy will take everything with them. The people of over half the world will stand against each other. God will scare the two enemies with all His might. Only a few Russians will be able to return home to be able to take care of their situation there. The land will lose a lot of population so that women will have to work in the field, and seven girls will brawl for a man. The priesthood will be so rare that one will have to walk seven hours to hear the mass.

"The Poles will in the beginning go under through the invasion. They will, however, fight against the invaders and will receive a king. France will be divided in three days. Spain will not be involved, but however the Spaniards will invade the areas and help to reestablish order with the churches. Austria will be spared; in fact, it will be pretty good there. The Roman Chair will stand empty for some time... This will not however be a war of religion, but all who believe in Jesus Christ will have a common cause... A principal sign of the times in which the war will break out will be the general indifference in matters of religion and the general corruption of mores in many places. At that time they will give believers the name of fools, and the faithless will pretend to be men of light.

"There will be one religion that will unite all except for the Jews who will show their old stubbornness. On the Rhine stands a church that is built by all peoples' will. From there, where the next great war will break out, is what the people are supposed to believe. All confessions will be compatible.

"Germany receives a new King and then follows a fortunate time."