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Jess Bluebird, Cherokee prophet

"I see what's coming," he said a thick, breathy voice, very hard to understand.

In order to make at his words I had lean right up to him, almost knee to knee. He leaned forward with a kind of urgency. His mystic face loomed only inches in front of me -- a complex conundrum of a face, dark copper and cast brown with inner glints of lavender and purple, deep eye sockets lost in inky shadow, mobile mouth continually flickering with transient smiles and grimaces. A face somehow serene for all its mobility and lurking complexities.

"I see the end o' things," he breathed. "Yep, the end. It's coming. Yessir, it's coming!"

"The end of what things, Jess?" I asked.

He took a deep breath and I eyed me hard.

"Everything... Everything on this mother earth. All gone. All wiped away. god'll wipe all this wicked world away, that's what he's gonna into. Wipe it all away like you wipe dirt from a dirty window with a wet rag. Only God won't use a rag. No. God's gonna use the tornado for a rag. He's gonna use the hurricane for rag. He's gonna use the earthquake for rag. he's gonna wipe away all the wicked world. Wipe always like you wipe a dirty window. Yep, wipe it clean. All of wickedness wiped right away. Only the sky be left. Blue sky all over... Above... And down below... All over. Just clear blue sky... Like a clean window.

"Yep, God's mad!." Jess went on. "He's very mad at what people are doing to His world."

"But he's a loving gone, too, Jess," Mary interjected, a certain alarm her voice and Jess is dire words.

"Yep, he's loving, OK, but He's still mad," Jess continued, his eyes darkly incandescent. "He's giving us signs. We've got to see them. Last year a few weeks before those floods we had on the Mississippi, I told people, "I see coffins coming down the river, floating on down the river like boats." I foresaw it... The river full o' coffins. And then when the floods came a while later, it happened! The river... It dug the cemeteries out, and all those caskets came right out of the ground and went floating down the river! They showed it on TV. It was the same thing I foresaw. Yeah, all them coffins with all them people in them, all those corpses, sailing right down the river! That's God paying them back, them people, paying them back for digging up those Indian graves. That made God mad!