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A Cherokee Prophecy 

It is told that, in the early days of the Old (Cherokee) Nation, seven wise and holy men went together to a certain valley in the Smokey mountains to seek knowledge of the future. 

Of all the people in all Seven Clans of the Cherokee these seven men were the most truthful, most selfless, and most heedful of the needs and well being of all the Tribe. They carried the medicine deerskin and medicine tobacco, and did all the holy things along the way. 

And when they came to this certain valley, they spread out the deerskin in the center and prayed, saying they came with humility, to seek truth and to share it with the people. 

Then they blew smoke over the deerskin, each in turn, and they watched the smoke trails for a sign from the Gods. 

And the Gods came down from the heavens and spoke, and they showed the seven Holy Men images of what life would be like in the future. 

And when the Gods were finished, the Seven Holy Men went and prophesied to the people the marvels that they had been shown. 

The first was that men would someday fly in the air. 

The second was that the tracks of the Cherokee people would someday lead west to the valley of the Mississippi, never to return. 

The third was that there would be schools to teach important knowledge to all the people. 

But the fourth prophecy was that in the future, young people would return from the schools, and point rudely to the old men of the tribe, and claim that what the old men said did not matter - because they knew nothing. 

The people considered this last prophecy for a long time, and talked in Council and among themselves, but they were never able to determine what great wisdom might be taught in these schools that the children should point to the old people and talk in this way.