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Unity of all Religions


For over two thousand years, we (mankind) have sought to improve our living standards, our mental ability to overcome many barriers and aim for the equivalent known as -- perfection. This particular image of perfection has been glorified to that of the GODS and if we were to attain this level of perfection, we would be the same or liken to that of the GODS. Many ideas, developments and transformations have taken place to move toward this goal. When looking back through the corridors of time our progress has been slow but sure. We can see components that have been progressive and in line with our goal to be perfect. It also highlights certain areas that reflect our weakness. We consider ourselves to be the most intelligent of all Gods creation upon Earth and this can be partly seen in our technological advancement. 

Although we are now in the year 2000 AD and have advanced this far in time, we are plagued by our human frailties and patterns of action that follow us from generation to generation. Many illnesses we have today are illnesses that were with our ancestors 3-4000 years ago. One would have thought that we have come this far and yet we cannot rid the common cold or flu. Another example of an illness that many great minds have sought to find answers to and that is mental illness which has been handed down from generation to generation. The interesting fact about mental illness is that it has not increased in its intensity or severity. In other words the worlds total population is not a patient of mental illness and that each of the disorders have not changed or intensified. Another factor that destroys our brilliance as being the most intelligent of Gods creation is our desire to destroy and in particular create battles or wars between two people and two nations. Two thousand years after the birth of Jesus Christ, the human race is still warring against each other. Other illnesses and destructive actions have also followed us into this millennium. 

Our weakness as humans is greed. Our goal should be to improve our human relationships hand in hand with technology. With the advancement of technology and used in the right manner, the whole world should benefit. However we use this advancement to gain personal satisfaction over one another or group of people. I must refract on the prophets who foretold the future and spoke the sacred words of the Supreme Being. Their predictions were not of our ability to advance technically, but to predict human actions if the human race was to go down a certain road or follow certain patterns of behaviour. To date those predictions have come to fruition. The prophets were given by the Supreme being to serve the people. They embodied the spiritual beliefs and well being with daily living. 

In the 1950’s and early 1960’s, the three known super-powers (China, Russia and the USA) were the leaders of the world. This period would have been the most ideal time to unite the world and establish World Peace however the opposite effect happened and that the three super-powers pulled apart. One could argue the reasons for their separation and that technology played a major role in preventing those three leaders from joining forces. No matter what reasons or excuses we make, in the end it come down to you and I (human to human). At the same time during this period prophets throughout the world were following the signs of the Spirit. Their goal was the call for ‘Unity Of All Beings’. 


In New Zealand and in particular among the Maori, a prophet well known throughout New Zealand (Mr Alexander Phillips) began his work by attending to those who were less fortunate or to those that the medical profession could not help. In 1953 he established a small clinic in a country town known as Te Kuiti. He named his clinic the ‘Surgery’. Many thousands of people from throughout New Zealand and other countries came for his assistance, advice and fellowship. During his clinical appointments whether it be on a one to one or a group of people, he would talk of the missing link being the key to Heaven and Earth, and that the missing link is known as the MOTHER who is the most compassionate, the most forgiving of all of Gods gifts in Gods entire creation. In doing his work, Mr Phillips also set a precedent which many Churches challenged and that is by placing the MOTHER between the FATHER and SON, making change to the HOLLY TRINITY become four, THE FATHER, MOTHER, SON AND HOLY SPIRIT. Mr Phillips spoke often of the Supreme Being having four sacred pillars to hold his mantle of LOVE and PEACE. To achieve World Peace, the MOTHER must be acknowledged being the fourth pillar of Gods Mantle and that the four pillars must be placed in the four corners of the world. World Peace cannot be achieved through three pillars. 



Mr Phillips is 83 years of age, born as a twin 14th August 1917 on the banks of the Ongarue River, Taumarunui New Zealand. Prior to him establishing his surgery in Te Kuiti, he lived a normal life taking part in various sporting activities, attending to his family farm and generally providing for their daily needs. As his age increased so did his desire to take responsibility to help the needy, the poor, homeless and serve the Spirit according to tradition and customary values of the Maori. At the age of 26 years Mr Phillips had to give away living like the average New Zealander and turn his attention to working with the Wairua (Spirit), helping the less fortunate and working with families that had illnesses pertaining to the world of Maori. This was one particular area of health that the medical profession could not assist in anyway or form. His genealogical background gave him the foundation to begin his work with the Spirit and the people. 

His first work was to attend to the Maori and their genealogical disorders and sickness that could not be dealt with by any other person or medical profession. During his counselling he would explain the background to his work and what Maoridom will achieve for the future. Many significant elders from throughout New Zealand came to see him for his service and skill. From this service and through Mr Phillips, came various developments that led Maoridom to becoming pro-active in their aspirations and the development of Manu Ariki.



Manu Ariki is a Marae reserve of 150 acres and is the official footstool for the MOTHER who takes the form of a magnificently carved native wood statue. Other symbols that take the form of buildings also denote the significance of Maori spirituality. The land upon which Manu Ariki stand was consecrated by the ancestors of the Aotea canoe specifically as a footstool or a place where the Supreme Being (GOD) can rest and call this small piece of land his very own. Several large buildings are symbols of Maori prophecy and when patterned together, form a unique system that consecrate the Spiritual practices with todays material growth and expansion. 


On the morning of 14th May 2000 at 9.00am a dedication ceremony was conducted by Mr Alexander Phillips Esq CBE, QSM, The Senior Council (The Apotoro (24) and the Kaunihera Whakakotahi O Nga Hapu O Iharaira (The Council of Unity for the Tribes of Israel). This dedication was the beginning to ‘Unity Of All Religion’. The dedication involved the blessing of sacred pillars known as the ‘Pillars Of Love’ and the unveiling statues that various religious communities had donated for the purpose of uniting religions and beliefs throughout the world. 

Magnificent statues of Jesus Christ, the Madonna, Buddha, the Black Madonna of Madagascar, were unveiled. The sacred pillars of love give each group/faith/religion a place to stand and be part of this development at Manu Ariki. Prayers, blessings, Hymns and dedication speeches were part of the ceremonial dedication. 

People from various parts of New Zealand came early and gathered at the Temple which is situated upon a hilltop over-looking Manu Ariki Marae and its village. A light rain greeted the 250 people who came to take part in the dedication ceremony. There were several groups among the 250 strong, whom presented statues and icons for the purpose of acknowledging the concept and ceremony of ‘Unity Of All Religions’. 

Mr Phillips who is the Founder of Manu Ariki spoke at the ceremony explaining the pillars that stand before the ‘Temple of God’ (The Whetumarama) are the ‘Pillars Of Love’. He expressed that although there were only twenty pillars presently standing, it will increase as the different beliefs/religions come forward to acknowledge the importance of uniting all religions. He also re-iterated what he announced to the world in 1980 that ‘The Mother is one of four sacred pillars of God that hold up his mantle of love and peace. By including the Mother in your prayers, she will give strength, good life and enlightenment to the world. For God to place his mantle of love and peace upon the world he will need four pillars in each of the four corners of the world. Mr Phillips named the sacred pillars 

The Father, The Mother, The Son and the Holy Spirit. 

Mr Phillips also spoke of the Weeping Madonna of Sicily. In 1952 the world saw this as a sign and a miracle, but no one could say what was the reason for her tears. The tears were tested for its legitimacy - whether they were real tears or just water. It was proved to be real tears. Mr Phillips advocated that he was the only one who knew the reason for her tears. He explained that in 1952 he had found the ‘Missing Link’ between Heaven and Earth and Gods fourth power, that being the Mother. By instituting the Mother between the Father and the Son, this consecrated the Mothers rightful position. This meant that the Mother had to leave Earth and return to the upper most heaven to her rightful place with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

At the completion of the ceremony photographs were taken of the Pillars Of Love and the statues. The people had the opportunity to look and pay their respects to each of the statues present. The day concluded with everyone having a luncheon in the main dining facility on Manu Ariki. 


On the 11th May 2000 (Thursday), Mr Phillips sent two representatives to meet with the Buddhist Lama Semtan of the Buddhist Monastery in Kaukapakapa. 

The purpose of this visit was to: 

1. Discuss the concept ‘Unity of all Religions’, 
2. Invite them to take part in this development, 
3. Extend an invitation to them to present a statue of Bhuddha to stand upon the sacred pillars at Manu Ariki. 

Our request was confirmed and in addition to our request was their wish to have their Rinpoche (8 years old boy born in New Zealand), to present Bhuddha to Manu Ariki. With this in hindsight, Manu Ariki saw the opportunity of presenting their young leader (10yrs) to meet the Buddhist Rinpoche, two young leaders from different cultures meeting for the first time. This meeting would be seen as a bond between two people and two nations coming together for the same purpose. 

A date and time was scheduled for the two groups to come together. On the 18th May 2000, Manu Ariki formerly welcomed the Rinpoche (8 yrs), Lama Semtan, Lama Shedrup and their administrator Kate. Mr Alexander Phillips Esq. CBE, QSM, Master Daniel Tito (Grandson to Mr Phillips), Dr Jim Rawiri, The Council for the Unity of the 12 Tribes of Israel, and affiliating members, received the guests onto Manu Ariki. The formal process of welcome was accorded to the guests. At the completion of the welcome the Rinpoche, Lama Semtan, and Shedrup were taken to the Temple of God, known as the Whetumarama, to formerly present the sacred statue - Bhuddha to it’s new home. Buddha was placed upon one of the sacred stone pillars of love and Lama Semtan, lama Shedrup and the Rinpoche conducted their ceremony of consecration to Buddha and the Pillars of Love. 

At the completion of this sacred dedication, Mr Phillips on behalf of Manu Ariki, paid homage to Buddha, the Rinpoche Lama Semtan, and Shedrup for fulfilling a prophecy and that their presence confirm the importance of the Maori and the Tibetan people coming together. Mr Phillips expressed that they and the Maori both share a common place in Tibet in the Himalayas Mountains. To the Maori this most sacred mountain is known as Maunganui. This is the largest and tallest mountain in the World known today as Mount Everest. Maori history record that when the Maori migration entered Tibet, they travelled to Maunganui to pay homage to this most sacred mountain which was the pathway between heaven and earth, and that this mountain was the most godliest place on earth. The Buddhist Monks were the caretakers of this sacred passageway and that today they still maintain and practice their protocols and rituals of acknowledgement. 

Mr Phillips expressed that it is an honour to have Buddha stand upon the 'Pillars of Love'. Mr Phillips in his honour to Buddha, invited Buddha along with the other statues to combine their power and effort to bring unity to all religions and to all peoples of the world. 

Manu Ariki choir completed the ceremony with a hymn. Everybody adjourned from the temple to take part in a celebration meal at the marae proper. 

19th May 2000. The protocol of farewell was conducted as this was the day for Lama Semtan, Lama Shedrup, the Rinpoche and the Administrator (Kate) to depart from Manu Ariki. Mr Phillips and the Council of Elders concluded the ceremonious occasion by giving a special blanket and a donation to assist the Rinpoche with his journey to Tibet in September of this year. This blanket is a representation and symbol to the blanket of Peace, to keep him well and that when the Rinpoche reached Tibet, the blanket will personify a large blanket cover flowing from Mount Everest, and moving across like a large cover encompassing the world. Other gifts were also presented to the guests, at the conclusion Lama Semtan and Lama Shedrup were taken to another sacred building to view a miniature replica of Maunganui (Mt Everest), and be told of a ceremony conducted by Mr Phillips to bring World Peace, starting upon Mt Everest. This particular ceremony took place on the Easter Monday (NZ time), to dedicate World Peace. Lama Semtan and Lama Shedrup dedicated their ritual of invocation to the replica of Mount Everest and to the ceremony of World Peace. 

At the conclusion of their service, the public were invited to view the replica of Mt Everest. Lama Semtan, Lama Shedrup , the Rinpoche and Kate departed Manu Ariki for Kaukapakapa